CPR & First Aid
Nutrition & Cooking
Special Needs Care
Water Safety


English or French


Fire Safety


Early Childhood Education


Our course helps nannies learn how to reinforce positive, good habits in children.

1. CPR and First Aid

Experts agree that CPR and first aid certifications are the most important certifications a nanny can earn — many families won’t even consider a nanny who doesn’t have this training. If you plan on caring for young children, it’s also a good idea to take specific classes on infant CPR. Certifications are only valid for about two years, so take these classes at regular intervals to keep your skills current.

2. Water-Safety

If you’re working for a family who enjoys the ocean and beach, or has a swimming pool, you should invest in a course on life-guarding. These certifications can be obtained through lessons at a local pool, through the Indian Red Cross (called Water Safety Education), a local Mediclinic or other local community center.

3. Nutrition and Cooking

Knowledge of nutrition or cooking makes you a more valuable candidate to parents. They want to know that you can keep their kids well-fed. Nutrition and cooking classes are available at local community colleges, culinary schools or even at health food stores. Nids training includes basic cooking skills and cooking without fire.

4. English or French

English and French are the official languages of Canada. Most families in Canada prefer a bilingual Caregiver. Aspiring Caregivers need to have a minimum score of CLB 5 in English or French. We offer English or French  for  aspirants.

5. Fitness

Along with nutrition comes fitness. Parents like knowing that you can help kids stay active and healthy.

6. Fire Safety

As a Caregiver, you are in charge of the children, Senior Citizens and Specially-able people  that you’re looking after. That includes in the case of an emergency like a fire.

7. Special Needs Care

If your charge is a special needs child, a course preparing you for the role of caregiver is important. There is a lot of need-specific medical information to be aware of and general advice on caring for a child with special needs. Nids has designed modules to deal special needs children and old infirm.

8. Early Childhood Education

Learning more about children’s development and needs will help you understand your charges and make you a better nanny. “If a caregiver doesn’t have a solid understanding of child development, she should get a basic certification that covers all aspects of working with children,” NIDS Program is specially designed to handle early childhood.